A break-up can be devastating, it implies finding a new identity, building a new life from scratch,  reconstructing our social life and healing can sometimes be really traumatic. With the right approach and professional help, a break-up can also be a new opportunity and the beginning of a new and better life.


In this world of constant competition we frequently find ourselves doubting of our own strengths and talents, thinking that we should be doing more or just that we’re not enough. A healthy self esteem is the most empowering resource to achieve a fulfilling life. 

Emotional Managment

Emotions have different ways to impact our lives: some people eat as a coping mechanism, others feel addicted to their phones or social media, isolation, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of failure,  whatever your type might be, with the right strategies, you will find peace again.

Date/Relationship Coaching

The person you choose as your life partner is the most important decision of your life. Dating can be exhausting and confusing which can lead us to feel anxious and lost. I can help you go through this process without losing yourself or jeopardizing your mental health. 


A relationship is only healthy if we love our partner more than we need them. It is sometimes a fine line that is easy to cross. I help my clients to learn how to be emotionally independent so they get to choose who is in their lives. 

Improve your self-talk

Our relationship with ourselves is the most important one. With the right self-talking techniques you can start getting along with yourself, be nice and patient, forgive yourself, start over and become your best friend, life is too short to be constantly fighting with ourselves. 

Cultural conflicts

 Dr. Rosenthal defined cultural conflict as the conflicting thoughts, feelings and behaviors due to divided cultural loyalties. As a hispanic woman living in the US I know what this conflict feels like. Trying to reconcile values, thoughts or beliefs from two different cultures is sometimes overwhelming and makes us feel as if we were always failing to a part of our identity.     


 "Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer." It's really difficult to get out of depression without help. The lack of energy and motivation makes my client's life so difficult that sometimes they couldn't get out of bed. Fortunately, nowadays depression can be overcome and you will get out, laugh and  enjoy your life again.